3 Islands – Onassis Cruise

Onassis Cruise,

Skorpios – Lefkada – Meganisi

Full day cruise, leaving from Agia Efimia
Discover 3 of the lesser known Ionian islands
Your first stop is Skorpios – the miniature Island pre owned by millionaire Aristotle Onassis. Drop anchor off the beach where he married Jackie Kennedy as your guide recounts tales of the family. After time for a swim, sail on to Nidri on Lefkas’ east coast. Head ashore and make the most of its shops – their prices tend to be lower than Kefalonia’s. It’s then on to the Island of Meganissi. Covered in pine forests, this small Island has hardly changed in centuries.

-Plenty of opportunities for children to swim

-A great chance to spend your day on the cruise and to see some of the best sights of the Ionian Sea

-Visit the islet of pre-owned by Onassis family
Cave of Papanikolis– is sea cave in Meganisi, is incidentally the second largest cave in the whole of Greece. Although is not an authentic sea cave rather is karts cave and is presently partially inundated by the sea. This cave during the Second World War was used like a hideaway for submarine of Papanikolis. It is believed that the Papanikolis  submarine would tuck up inside the mammoth cave after its blitzkriek on the Italian armada. First time visitors are in for an awesome experience and a whole new world of colours blue and gold can be seen on the parapets as well as the roof.)
Meganisi island (During prehistoric times was known as the Island Taphos (Taphos was son of Poseidon and the ruler of the region)
All villages offer a laid back atmosphere where people relax and enjoy an authentic view of Greece.
On our stop in Meganisi Island we will visit Spartohori village, quiet and pretty with panoramic views.
Skorpios Island (purchased in the 1960’s by Aristotle Onassis, is held in trust for Athina Onassis, daughter of the late Christina, and is patrolled by armed guards.
Aristotle Onassis was the most famous and probably one of the most successful businessmen. Onassis had many extramarital affairs, the most famous affair was with Maria Callas the famous Greek opera singer. This relationship lasted many years but was never stable. Onassis devastated Callas, with sudden decision to marry Jacqueline Kennedy, 1968. They got married in his island Skorpios. Upon his death it passed to his daughter Christina, and then in turn to her daughter Athina Roussel. Onassis, his son Alexander, and his daughter Christina are all buried on the island.
Lefkas (The myth about Sappho’s suicide at Cape Lefkada is related to other myths linking the island to the ancient Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, and to Odysseus, the hero of Homer’s Odyssey.
The island‘s name derived from the ancient Greek for “white”, referring to the colour of its cliffs and barren mountain ranges.
On our relaxing cruise you will view mountainous landscapes of Lefkas and enjoy free time in the capital, Nidri. The town itself is situated on Nidri Fjord. This is one of the largest fjords outside of Norway.

07.15 – 08.20 – Departure
18:00 – 18.30 – Arrival

Departure every:

Cost: Adult, 35 euro – Child: 25 euro