Lixouri Peninsula Tour

Lixouri – Xi beach – Vatsa – Petani beach – Kipouria monastery – Agia Kyriaki – Porto Atheras

Explore the Paliki peninsula. Visiting Lixouri town. visiting Xi beach made up of impressive grey clay rocky cliffs and red sand. There are various watersports and beach bars too, but the main attraction is that you can have a natural spa, as the grey clay, according to the ancient and modern scientists, has medicinal properties that can cure skin disorders, heal wounds; it is also used for detoxification and many other disorders and injuries.

Visit Vatsa beach. Vatsa beach is located 9 km from Lixouri and 5 km from Xi beach. It is a little untouched sandy bay with shallow waters and a small river which merges into the sea and can easily be crossed by a pontoon bridge, a great game for kids!

The beach it is not a unique place but still it has a relaxed atmosphere maintaining its natural beauty.
There is a nearby church of Agios Nikolas where a lot of people decide to have their wedding.

Visit the wilder, more dramatic beach at Petani (either of the two ends of the beach offer more privacy and an interesting coast). If you feel adventurous stop at Kipouria Monastery for an amazing sunset and dramatic cliffs and get a vertigo inducing glimpse of the wild beauty of Platia Ammos. You can arrange to climb down to the beach with the help of the experts, as it is accessible only by boat at the moment! If you are looking for the best boat tour on the island, book a tour with Melissa Fishing Boat Trip  departing from Agia Kyriaki, they take you to explore the beautiful remote Fteri and Amidi beaches, and you can try your hand at fishing. End your day at Porto Atheras and have dinner by the beach in the bay at Drosos Taverna, or visit Ladokola stin Plagia Restaurant, at Damoulianata.


* Please note that you can adjust and manage you tour as you wish. You can add or remove destinations etc

* Swim stops

Duration : 7-8 hours