Melissani & Drogaratti Tour

Melissani Lake & Drogarati Cave Tour

First Stop | Visit of Melissani Lake

Lake of the Nymphs,  a lake – cave of unique beauty. 350m long, 40m wide and 36m high. It constitutes of a unique geological phenomenon. Seawater disappear into swallow holes near Argostoli and appear again after 15 days as brackwater in the cave’s lake which is situated 30cm above sea level. The cave is shaped lika a B and a part of the roof has collapsed about threethousand years ago.  Steps and a manmade tunnel lead down to the cave and small boats take you around the lake to admire the wonderful colours of the lake. Ancient artifacts from the 3rd & 4th century BC have been found in the cave.

Visit of Drogarati Cave

This magnificent cave opened to the public in 1963 and was discovered about 300 years ago. It is about 150 million years old and has a constant temperature of 18*C, is about 60m deep and the arched ceiling is 20m high.
Many steps are leading down to the cave.  Once inside the cave you will be im pressed of the huge chamber with its Stalactites and Stalagmites formed in thousands of years. It is also famous for its e excellent acoustics. Several concerts have taken place in the cave. Even famous Opera singer Maria Callas gave her appearance. It is only possible to visit the first part of the cave. Notes: Participants must be able to negotiate approximately 165 steps and a steep incline. Due to the natural environment of the caves, the steps may be slippery. Wear comfortable, non-skid

Photostop above Myrtos Beach

This beach is one of the most beautiful and dramatic beaches in Greece you must not miss. It lies between the feet of two mountains.  It has a long beach if white shingle backed by steep cliffs of limestone. The colours of the sea can change from deep blue to white. The view high above is truly unforgettable.

Pick up from Lourdas, Leivatho, Lassi, Argostoli or your resort

Entrances fees and guide not included
Duration : 3.5 hours