Mount Aenos

Discover Aenos (Ainos) mountain

As is rising from the infinite blue sea, standing tall and solid, mount Ainos features a National Park of unique beauty and rarity. The National Park of Ainos in Kefalonia is close to Argostoli and Sami and it is the smallest national park in Greece.

In the fir forest appear various specimens of bushes such as gortsies, krategi, etc. Northwest of Ainos in Roudi mountain, lush vegetation of bushes covers a ground of 46 hectares and is a separate part inside the park. In the highest rocky areas prevail briar genistas. Αpart from the rich flora of the park, its fauna is also of high importance. Mammals such as fox, beech marten, hare and others, as well as rare birds and serpents (petroperdika and fidaetos) shelter here.

Inside the Park shelter the famous wild horses of Ainos. Some claim these are descendants of the wild horses of Thessaly, one of three ancient Greek breeds now extinct, since their similarity to ancient horse sculptures is really impressive. Others reckon they are descended from escaped or released livestock.
They managed to survive in the wild nature in scant of number herds. Today only a few dozens have remained in the slopes of Ainos.

The park is a paradise for hikers, especially on its East side, which is more savage. The flora is rich of indangered species in danger like endemic varieties of orchids. The fauna is very interesting too, with rapaces, reptiles and little mammals (foxes by instance), wich are very rare elsewhere on Cephalonia or on other islands.

During a long hike more surprises are to come. Uncharted trails, mysterious lakes and caves of unrivalled beauty await you to explore!

Ainos Mountain