Ouzo with Meze Private Tour

Melissani Lake/Cave – Myrtos Beach photo stop – Vouti beach or Atheras bay for Ouzo & Meze

Duration: 5-6 hours

Pick up / Drop off from/to  Argostoli or near locations as Lassi, Livathos and Lourdas. For pick up / drop off from further locations please contact us.

Travel by small boat across the serene, blue-green waters of an underground lake, and then savor traditional Greek meze at a waterfront restaurant.

Melissani Lake

Depart from Argostoli or near by locations and enjoy a lovely ride across Cephalonia, an island long known for its unusual geological formations. In particular, there’s Melissani Lake, an underground body of water that was created thousands of years ago. You’ll enter the lake by small boat, paddled in so it hardly disturbs the surface of the water, which is a brackish mix of saltwater from the Ionia Sea and freshwater that originated back in Argostoli and then flowed across the island.

The jagged walls of the underground lake rise steeply, causing every sound to echo eerily. Stalactites hang from the ceiling, parts of which collapsed decades ago. The only light comes from 100 feet above, imbuing the cavern-like interior with a soft glow that’s absolutely magical. Also known as the Cave of Nymphs, Melissani Lake was named for Melissanthi, a nymph from Greek mythology who drowned herself because the God Pan didn’t reciprocate her love.

Myrtos Beach photo stop

The most beautiful beach on the island and one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, with snow white sand, a paradise on earth is protected by high rocks while the sea offers sublime combinations with colours ranging from blue green to deep blue.

Ouzo & Meze at Vouti beach or Atheras Bay

After touring the underground lake, you’ll drive to a delightful waterfront taverna at Vouti beach or Atheras bay for traditional meze, a selection of small dishes that may include kalamari, cheese pie and meatballs. Of course, there’s also ouzo, the classic licorice-flavored Greek liqueur. It can be served straight or mixed with water, which will turn the ouzo cloudy white. Afterwards, you’ll transfer back to  Argostoli.

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